Datos entidad

Localidad: Bilbao
Codigo Postal: 48008
Provincia: Bilbao
Pais: España
Telefono 1: +34 94 479 43 90
Fax: +34 94 479 06 06
Email entidad: ibernor@ibernor.eu
CIF: ESB48144604


Ever since its humble beginning back in 1.983, IBERNOR, S.L. , has grown into the largest and most renowned Company into the shipping industry in Spain. Its offices are located in Bilbao.

Since then and up to now, IBERNOR, S.L. has acquired a large expertise both at Crewing as well as Management and Operations.

Traditionally, shipowners have exerted full control over their fleet from the day they were built through delivery at the breakers yeard or sold. Nowadays, and in order to be most competitive, apart from other reasons, some shipowners do not get involved in part or the whole management and operations activities.

It is over these overworked departaments that we act on their behalf.