Its main mission is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises through cooperation, complementarity and communication.

The Spanish Maritime Cluster cooperates with associations without replacement.

The Spanish Maritime Cluster cooperates with other forums or clusters without replacing them.

Strategic Objectives

  • Creating wealth and welfare for society. The Spanish Maritime Cluster represents the future way of doing maritime activity in our country, a new culture that combines a prestigious and consolidated tradition with the most advanced knowledge in maritime occupations worldwide.
  • Search for business excellence in the Spanish maritime sector. The right path to innovation is the interaction between all companies in the sector, so the cluster sets the direction for the future, since the sum of many guarantees the progress of all.
  • Increasing competition for Spanish companies in the global market. Cooperation is the key to competitiveness, so that, through the cluster, Spain strengthen the prestige that for centuries has earned international shipping worldwide.
  • Improving the efficiency of industrial and commercial management of enterprises. Teamwork and collaboration open up new horizons.
  • Promote the professional development of workers. The training of workers, as a tool of competitiveness, and career development is one of the main objectives of the Cluster.
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