EUROPEAN NETWORK OF MARITIME CLUSTERS. ENMC Chairman was invited on November 13th 2015 to present the European Network of Maritime Clusters to Sea Europe’s Board of Directors.

Sea Europe presents itself as the voice of the European maritime technology industry (Ships and Maritime Equipment). Supporters of Sea Europe are European business federations and enterprises which are involved in the building, construction, maintenance and repair of all types of ships and other relevant maritime structures, including the complete supply chain of systems, equipment and services.

Sea Europe’s Board of Directors was particularly interested in ENMC initiative to obtain a reliable, undisputable database on the European maritime economy – sector by sector and country by country. They stressed that they will strongly support ENMC efforts to obtain this tool of paramount importance. Mr. Vallat caught the occasion of this very open and friendly dialogue to recall ENMC modus operandi as a cluster of clusters: “The ENMC does lobbying only by proxy from its members and for transversal topics (ie common to various different maritime sector)  and is not meant and will never be meant to substitute the European professional federations”


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