La Feria de Santiago de Chile (EXPONAVAL) y la Feria de Hamburgo (MS&D) firman un acuerdo de cooperación para promover las actividades en el sector marítimo civil y militar.



MS&D 2011 – International Conference and Exhibition on Maritime Security and Defence Hamburg at Hamburg Fair site from 15 to 17 June 2011

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A joint venture between Hamburg Messe und Congress (GmbH) and the International Fair of Santiago de Chile organization (FISA), MS&D and Exponaval, was recently formalized; through this, both entities will promote activities related to naval defence and maritime industry. The agreement was generated at the end of Exponaval 2010, considering the common objectives pursued by both institutions.

 The beginning of this partnership will be effective on the second version of the international conference and exhibition on maritime security and defence hamburg, MS&D 2011, to be held from 15 June to 17 June at the Hamburg Fair site. At this exhibition FISA will promote the upcoming Exponaval 2012, to be held in December in Chile.

 The CEO of Exponaval 2012, Carlos Parada, and the Project Director of MS&D 2011, Peter Bergleiter, emphasized the relevance of the agreement as both events – Exponaval and MS&D – have international positioning, convoking marine companies worldwide.

“Collaboration agreements like this are very necessary for projecting these events,” explains Carlos Parada, “considering that naval forces are institutions that are increasingly operating in a global world. We expect to expand a platform for industry growth through transfer of knowledge and new technologies relating to the challenge for Navies in the current global scenario”. And Peter Bergleiter notes that “we are contributing to continuous exchange with MS&D in the odd-numbered years and Exponaval in the even-numbered years. Ongoing transfer of technology and know-how is essential at times when the fields of activity are growing and international cooperation is indispensable between the navies of Europe and South America.”

 A total of 17 suppliers from Germany participated in Exponaval 2010, registering a significant business level due to quality and technological innovation of its products and services.  Alongside discussions with high-ranking representatives of the Chilean Navy, meetings with delegations of other South American states were in the foreground.

 There are ten naval delegations invited from South America alone to MS&D 2011 in Hamburg, underscoring the traditionally good relations between German industry and the South American navies.

 The Chilean Navy has long experience with German technology providers, among other European countries, due to a mutual history of cooperation, which has led German companies to choose settling in Chile. The fleet of the Chilean Navy has two German-built submarines U-209 class, the "Simpson" and the "Thomson", equipped with the latest technologies.

 Both authorities agree in pointing out that the agreement will allow a fluid exchange between the two organizations, benefiting the development of the naval industry through joint activities.

 MS&D, international conference and exhibition on maritime security and defence, will be held at the Hamburg Fair site from 15 to 17 June 2011. It is organised by Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) in cooperation with Mönch Verlag, represented by NAVAL FORCES magazine. MS&D 2011 is unique in Germany, in both its concept and its coverage.

The Conference, with high-calibre speakers from the senior levels of numerous navies of the international community of states, from coastguards, police forces and international organisations, likewise addresses security and defence. It will examine the nature and causes of the threats that navies, coastguards, waterways police and customs forces have to deal with. The exhibition will present new technologies and methods for successfully combating or even eliminating these threats.

More than 40 international naval delegations are expected, together with experts from organisations, governments, academia, merchant shipping and industry which are concerned with the security of ports and shipping routes. Some 120 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors are expected at the MS&D 2011 Conference and Exhibition. For the latest information, please visit the website


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