The government, management, operation, administration and representation of the Association, with the powers and authorities as may be specified in each case correspond to the following organs:

  • The General Assembly.
  • Chair. Mr. Alejandro Aznar Sainz
  • Honorary President: Mr. Federico Jaquotot Esteve.
  • First Vice President: Mr. José de Lara Rey
  • Second Vice President: Mr. Luis Vilches Collado
  • Secretary / Treasurer. Mr. Andrés Sánchez de Apellaniz
  • Secretariat. CONFEMETAL.
  • Executive Committee:
    • Representative of the group A (Shipping, intermodal and logistics operators):  Acciona Trasmediterránea: Mr. Rafael Montes
    • Representative of the group B (shipbuilding and repair): NAVANTIA: Mr. José María Hernando
    • Representative of the group C (Engineering and Maritime Industry Auxiliary):  Ingeteam: Mr. Alfredo de la Torre
    • Representative of the group F (Research organizations and agents of R & D + i): Instituto Español Oceanografia: Mr. Eduardo Balguerías
    • Representative of the group H (social and professional organizations): Aulamar: Mr. Luis Vilches
    • Representatives of the group K (Use of marine resources and legal services): Albors, Galiano & Portales: Mr. Eduardo Albors
    • Representatives of the group L (Regional Clusters): CTN Cartagena: Ms. Noelia Ortega
    • Representatives of the group K (Mar Professional Services sector):  ANEN: Mr. Carlos Sanlorenzo and MAPFRE: Mr. Santiago Martín.


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